Tiger On The Loose? Arkansas Police Have A ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ Moment

A woman called 911 to report a tiger was on the loose in Arkansas, but when police officers arrived on the scene, they found things were not exactly as advertised.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Calvin And Hobbes painting had fans recalling memories of reading the newspaper comic when they were younger and had everyone wishing for more. Earlier this year, creator Bill Watterson released new artwork for a movie poster, and even worked with the Pearls Before Swine creator to write his very first comic strip in almost 20 years.

The Bryant Police Department published a Facebook post that explained the circumstances of their very own “Calvin And Hobbes” moment.

“Subject called this morning stating that there was a deceased tiger on the side of the roadway on the North Service Road between the 126 and 123 mile markers. Subject advised that she stopped to take pictures of the animal, but was scared to approach it. Ofc. VanVeelen located the ‘tiger’ and was even nice enough to give him a ride to the PD.”

Apparently, when the police officers arrived on the scene they quickly realized the tiger was in fact a stuffed animal and not some poor tiger that had been killed by a car collision. No word on whether or not the cops spotted a little boy nearby hiding in a cardboard box marked with the words “time machine.”

But the department did take note of their sudden popularity.

“Well, Well, Well……. It appears that our Tiger story went Viral the last two days. I have received #Media calls from Phoenix, Philadelphia, Louisiana, Florida, and a few others. They were wanting our permission to run the story and share our page on the #BTOWN Tiger, I just laughed and said sure. We have several new people that have come to our page and I want to welcome all of you and hope you stay around and get to know us.”