Jessica Biel Pregnant? This ‘7th Heaven’ Reunion Photo Shows She Could Be Hiding Baby Bump!

Jessica Biel might be expecting her first child with Justin Timberlake after all!

That is what many people are thinking after this photo of the recent 7th Heaven cast reunion dinner was posted online by several of the cast members.

If you pay close attention to Jessica Biel in the picture, it appears as if there is a concealed baby bump bulging out from underneath her dress.

This picture was clearly taken after the cast had already finished eating. Taking the photo was probably a spur-of-the-moment idea that one of them came up with before going their separate ways. If that was the case, perhaps Jessica Biel forgot that wrapping her arms around co-stars Barry Watson and Stephen Collins would leave her torso openly exposed to the camera – including her stomach.

As read in the caption, Stephen Collins clearly labeled actress Beverley Mitchell as being pregnant (i.e. “Preg @BeverleyMitchel“) but simply mentioned Jessica Biel’s name without any added words along with the other cast members. It could be that Jessica Biel revealed the great news to her old TV family members, but told them to keep the news of her bundle of joy under wraps.

This would definitely not be the first rumored report of Jessica Biel being pregnant or at least trying hard to get pregnant.

However, this 7th Heaven cast photo might just be the little push that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel needed to finally confirm the new addition to their family to the rest of the world. That type of headline would definitely be a lot more pleasant and refreshing than reading the rumors of Justin Timberlake cheating on Jessica Biel on tour with one of his backup singers, right?

As soon as this picture of Jessica Biel and the rest of the 7th Heaven cast was posted online and went viral, it seemed as if most Twitter reactions either focused on (1) the nostalgic bliss of seeing one of the most popular TV families from the 90s reunited happily or (2) Jessica Biel and what appears to be her poorly hidden baby bump.

Even though the pregnancy of Jessica Biel has not been confirmed by Justin nor Jessica, it is important to remember that neither Eva Mendes or Ryan Gosling confirmed their pregnancy either – not even after the child was born!

What do you think? Is Jessica Biel pregnant and just postponing the announcement until Justin Timberlake is finished with his 20/20 Experience Tour? Or, is this just another episode of the Rumor Mill Gone Wrong?

[Image Credit: Ryan Seacrest]