Kate Middleton Abuse: Princess Eugenie, Camilla Parker-Bowles Jealously Insult "Commoner Kate"

Gregory Wakeman

Kate Middleton has apparently been coming under attack from members of the Royal Family who think that the "commoner" is only good for making babies.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Princess Eugenie and Camilla Parker-Bowles are hugely jealous of the media attention that has come Kate's way ever since she got married to Prince William. This has only increased since she became pregnant with, and then subsequently gave birth, to Prince George, and has gone into overdrive after it was recently announced that she was pregnant with her second child.

Insiders have allegedly told the aforementioned publication that Eugenie and Camilla have been vocally "dissing Kate behind her back, bringing to light their dislike and jealousy." The duo are thought to see themselves as "true" royals, and they are apoplectic that Kate manages to get the media attention that she does, as well as the limelight and celebrity status.

Celeb Dirty Laundry have also reported that the twosome have "been going around behind [Middleton's] back, commenting on how all she's good for is breeding and birthing more heirs to the throne." In their eyes she will always be an outsider to the Royal family, and hasn't had to "earn" her status in the same manner that they did.

Kate's second pregnancy was confirmed by Clarence House last week after months of speculation had suggested that she was carrying another child. However, over the last few days, it's been confirmed that Middleton has severely struggled with morning sickness and that it has even got so bad that Prince Harry's 30th birthday celebrations were cancelled as it was supposed to be held at Kensington Palace.

Sources have also revealed that Kate's doctors have advised her not to make a royal trip to Malta because she is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is severe morning sickness, and means that she can't even complete simple every day tasks.

An insider told People Magazine about Kate's spirits.

"Kate is said to be eager to go, and her staff members at Kensington Palace are giving her as much time as possible before a final decision is made about traveling to the Mediterranean island Saturday. They are carrying on with the planning for the visit, according to palace sources."

"It's hard enough being in a car with this condition. A major part of managing the condition is making sure you are able to rest, and even if you can do short periods of being up and about, you have to rest afterwards."

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