Watch Henry Cavill Meet One Of The World’s Rarest Tortoise [Video]

Henry Cavill plays Superman in the 2016 movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so you may be interested to see how he reacts when coming face to face with Madagascar’s Ploughshare Tortoise. The video, shared by the charity, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, of which the actor is an ambassador, shows the cute meeting.

When Cavill was on break from filming the Man of Steel sequel, he returned to his home in Jersey, in the U.K. and took the time to embark in a couple of worthy causes. One of them was the Durrell Wildlife Conservation trust, which he visited while he was in England.

On their website, the organization talks about how cool it was to have Henry as a guest in early August and how enthusiastic he was about the work they do on behalf of endangered species.

“Henry might be an actor by trade, but the infectious energy he brought with him – and the sheer happiness we saw when he met our animals – was 100 percent real.”

“That’s the thing; to a person, everyone at Durrell – from Volunteer to Director – is here because they love animals, and care about the fate of those species that need human help, if they aren’t to become extinct. It turns out that we have a soul mate in Hollywood, and his name is Henry!”

Henry Cavill at Durrell conservation

But Durrell wasn’t he only one who was excited and they were surprised to learn how much Henry Cavill really cares about their cause. The 31-year-old actor said that he and his family used to visit the refuge when he was a kid, growing up in Jersey and now that he has the means; he is lending his name to the cause.

“Henry told us that although his life so far has exceeded his wildest dreams, it’s his family that he’s most thankful for as their love and support has been his foundation from the very start.”

“He also told us that family visits to Durrell Wildlife Park (then Jersey Zoo) made for some truly happy memories…and that he saw exactly the same love, support and family bonds amongst one of our own non-human (though very closely related) families; silverback gorilla Jambo, and his troupe. It resonated with him deeply, he said.”

One of the highlights of Henry Cavill’s visit to the Durrell Wildlife refuge came when the staff showed him and let him hold one of the rarest tortoises in the world. Check out the cute video.

[Image via Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust]