Joan Rivers’ Last Recording? Audio Clip May Shed Light On Comedian’s Death

A new audio recording purportedly of Joan Rivers may shed light on the comedian’s death.

The tape, published under the name “Joan Rivers Last Session,” was released Monday.

According to The New York Post, Joan allegedly recorded the tape as a radio ad for the off-Broadway show, My Son the Waiter, a Jewish Tragedy.

The play’s creator, Brad Zimmerman, was reportedly a long-time friend of Joan’s. A representative from My Son the Waiter told the Post,“Joan used Brad as an opening act many times, and when we asked her if she’d do the spot, she said ‘sure’ immediately.”

Rivers reportedly recorded the practice recording or “scratch recording ” at home, before going into the studio.

However, Joan’s representative insists that recording is not Joan. Judy Katz told the Post, “This is definitely not Joan. Not even close to Joan’s voice. Everybody knows her voice. It’s so distinguishable. Definitely not Joan.”

Commenters on YouTube agree with Katz; questioning the authenticity of the recording.

Commenters on YouTube question the veracity of a new audio recording reportedly of Joan Rivers.

If the audio clip is verified, it would explain why Joan underwent a minor procedure the day she fell into a coma.

In the clip, the speaker says, “I told [you] I didn’t feel good. My voice has been bothering me. I don’t know what it is … I feel like s- -t. I’m tired already.”

As reported in the Inquisitr, on August 28 Joan underwent a minor throat procedure at a New York City clinic, Yorkville Endoscopy.

Yahoo News reports that an ear, nose and throat specialist used “a tiny camera… to look down Joan’s throat… [because she] had been complaining of hoarseness and a sore throat.”

However, the New York Times reports that the specialist did not have the authority to work at the clinic. According to state and federal laws, medical professionals must have their credentials reviewed by a facility before they can perform procedures.

As medical staff were finishing Joan’s throat scope, Joan reportedly started to lose oxygen. Despite attempts to revive Joan, she then went into cardiac arrest and fell into a coma. She died on September 4, at the age of 81.

Since then, the director of Yorkville Endoscopy, Dr. Lawrence Cohen, has stepped down, Yahoo reports.

Dr. Cohen was reportedly responsible for bringing in the unnamed ear, nose and throat specialist. According to the New York Times.

“The E.N.T. was brought in by Dr. Cohen to examine Ms. Rivers’s vocal cords for any abnormalities while Dr. Cohen, a specialist in digestive issues, looked for signs of acid reflux, which can also cause voice problems.”