Desiree Hartsock, Chris Siegfried Confirm ‘The Bachelorette’ Wedding Happening Soon

Just when will Desiree Hartsock’s wedding to Chris Siegfried take place? The Bachelorette pair has been hinting around that it’s coming soon, and now new details from Desiree and Chris indicate that the big day may not be far away. While it doesn’t sound as if it’ll be on ABC, fans are anxious to know where things stand.

Chris Siegfried confirmed via his “Chris’s Corner” post on Desiree Hartsock’s blog that The Bachelorette couple will indeed be getting married in 2015. This may well be the closest that Desiree and Chris have come to saying that there are firm wedding plans in place now. He even teases that there may be an actual wedding date chosen, but he’s not going to share it quite yet.

A new interview Fox News did with Desiree reveals a few more The Bachelorette wedding details. It seems that Chris and Desiree have indeed decided on a January wedding date, though they had originally been aiming for a December date. This year just got very busy for them, so a January date worked better for them.

Desiree and Chris will get married in California, but Hartsock isn’t revealing much else in terms of specifics. Reality Steve said some time ago that ABC wouldn’t be televising Hartsock and Siegfried’s wedding, though nobody seems to know exactly why the network passed on the opportunity. Desiree seems to essentially confirm that, as she notes that they are open to having it televised and they’ll see what happens. If they had a deal with ABC to televise the wedding, the network would be controlling what was said about it at this point.

If ABC passes on this The Bachelorette wedding, which it appears they indeed have at this point, it would seem that Desiree and Chris would be open to shopping the opportunity around to other outlets. Will anybody bite on this one? Despite a rocky season, the couple has a lot of fans who would love to see Chris and Des’ nuptials, so hopefully something will work out.

The Bachelorette fans know that Desiree is designing her own wedding gown and reception dress, and she says that the two dresses are very different from one another. At the same time, she says they’re both very her. The ceremony dress will have a romantic feel to it while the reception dress will allow her to dance.

Stay tuned for more details regarding Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried’s wedding as The Bachelorette couple prepares for the big day. Next up for the franchise is Chris Soules as ABC’s The Bachelor 2015, and his season will premiere in January.

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