Alexis Stewart Bashes Mommy Martha In New Book

Given her public persona you would think growing up with Martha Stewart would be all about eating amazing pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving and doing fun arts and crafts all day but her daughter Alexis Stewart paints a very different picture of mommy Martha in her new book Whateverland: Learning To Live.

According to Alexis the arts, crafts, meals and decor are all for show. In one excerpt Stewart and co-author Jennifer Koppelman Hutt write:

– “Martha does everything better! You can’t win!” adding, “If I didn’t do something perfectly, I had to do it again. … I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head.”

Talking about the holiday’s Alexis reveals:

– Halloween? “There were no costumes. There was no anything. We turned off all the lights and pretended we weren’t home.”

In another excerpt the 47-year-old writes:

– Martha’s bathroom habits? “Mother always peed with the door open. I remember saying, ‘You know, now I have friends over! You can’t do that anymore! It’s gotta stop! My friends’ parents don’t do it! Give me a break here! I don’t feel like being embarrassed! It’s exhausting! I’m a kid! Stop!’ “

Alexis also said there was never any food to eat at her mom’s house, instead there were a bunch of ingredients but no prepared food for a kid who was hungry.

To start the book Alexis writes:

“Thanks in advance to my mother for not getting angry about anything written in this book.”

You can pick up Whateverland: Learning to Live Here on October 18.