Tech Giant Acer Releases First-Ever (And Totally Redonkulous) Selfie Hat

Acer is known for producing a wide range of electronic products like laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors, and projectors. One thing it’s definitely not known for producing is clothing items. However, that’s about to change when Acer officially unveils the first-ever Selfie Hat, which SlashGear describes as “a giant sombrero equipped with a fold-down flap holding the maker’s Iconia A-1 840 tablet.” When you don the Selfie Hat, the integrated Acer Iconic A-1 840 tablet gets aimed toward you. All you need to do then is simply rotate the Selfie Hat to find the perfect angle for your super-duper important selfie.

Selfie queen Kim Kardashian must literally be smiling from ear to ear right now. Speaking of celebrities, the independent gadget news website Pocket-lint reports that Acer UK claims to have already created so-called outfits that incorporate this ever-so-cool (though equally redonkulous) hat. Furthermore, Acer insists that these outfits are being worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and Leah McFall. But for some odd reason, they didn’t mention making one for Kim Kardashian.

Regardless, the unveiling is slated to occur this weekend at London Fashion Week, where the hat will undoubtedly draw a lot of shocked stares. If you want an Acer Selfie Hat for yourself, you’ll have to stop by the event and request a consultation. Unfortunately, nobody knows yet how much these giant pink sombreros will run, so your best bet would be to bring your checkbook or credit card.

What’s interesting is that this is not the first selfie product on the market, though it’s certainly the first selfie product (let alone hat) ever to be released by a tech giant like Acer. Yahoo! Tech reveals that it was only a bit earlier this month when JD Beauty (an actual beauty company) released the Selfie Brush, “a smartphone-holding brush with an integrated mirror” that makes it easy for you to adjust your hairdo before you strike a pose and take the selfie.

Then there’s the Selfie Stick, which BuzzFeed reports dropped in July. It’s basically a stick that makes it easy to take selfies from a distance, which is great for, you know, avoiding overly detailed closeup selfies that bring way too much attention to your facial pimples and moles.

Anyway. If you want to check out some more selfie products, check the video below. Otherwise, sit back and relax, because it might be a bit before the Acer Selfie Hat hits mainstream retail outlets.

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