Liv Tyler Pregnant With Her Second Child [Report]

Liv Tyler might be expecting her second child. According to E!, sources are confirming that Tyler is pregnant with her second child. The 37-year-old started seeing David Beckham’s friend Dave Gardner a few months ago, and now it’s reported that the two are about to become parents.

Tyler already has 9-year-old son Milo, who she shares with British musician Royston Langdon. The two were married but then split in 2008. As for her blossoming relationship with Gardner, the two have traveled to Spain where they were ultimately captured displaying full-on PDA.

Although The Leftovers star hasn’t come forward to address the report, E! is a pretty safe bet these days when it comes to celebrity pregnancies. They were the first to break the news that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were expecting their first child together, as well as Eva Mendes’ top secret pregnancy.

As for Liv Tyler, earlier The Inquisitr reported that the actress did want more children. A few days ago she opened up about her hopes to expand on her family.

“I hope I will have more children. I’m 100 [percent] planning on it. If the stork could just drop it off on my roof, I’d be so happy, I’d have, like, 20.”

Back in 2012 Liv was very open about her parenting struggles with Marie Claire UK. At the time, she said, “I’m always trying to figure out what’s best for him [Milo] as a person. The kind of person I want him to be. The values I want him to have. [As] much as I love my friends and LA, I want him to have more of an East Coast upbringing. The sense of community. Walking to school four blocks away.”

Although she was open about wanting more children, don’t expect her to get hitched anytime soon. The actress said that she’s not into the happily ever after thing.

“That’s something interesting that happens in your thirties. You’re not in the stage anymore of princes and happily ever after. It’s a different stage of acceptance and [realization] about the realities of love and relationships. Forever is a long time.”

It’s easy to deduce that she might not have known she was pregnant at the time she gave her interview, so Tyler may just change her mind now that she’s pregnant, or she may surprise everyone and stick to her guns.

So far Liv Tyler’s rep hasn’t made any comments about her supposed pregnancy, so we’re not expecting the actress to make an official statement. That’s not to say that she’s going to hide out. Coming off of a successful first season of The Leftovers, odds are Liv will have plenty to talk about this fall.

[Image via The Hollywood Gossip]