Teresa Giudice Accused Of Spending Thousands On Botox, Laser Treatments Before Hearing

Teresa Giudice has been accused of spending "thousands of dollars" on Botox and other laser treatments before her October 2 court hearing. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star has reportedly been keeping up with her beauty regimen despite needing to save money. According to Radar Online, Giudice isn't stopping her normal treatments, which are not cheap.

"She gets Botox on a regular basis. She gets Restylane on a regular basis. She gets a skin resurfacing laser and she gets laser hair removal on her forehead. She went in June. She is getting ready to go. She is due to go. She's spending nearly $5,000 on cosmetic procedures every three to four months."
Teresa Giudice seems to not think that she's going to jail -- or at least she's not acting like she will do time for several federal fraud charges. She has basically been living her life as normal and trying to stay positive for her four daughters, which is a great thing, but is she in denial or does she know something that the general public doesn't? Her attorney has said that he will be asking for probation for Teresa (rather than jail time), so if she's banking on that, it's possible that she's just keeping up with her day-to-day things because she's not planning on changing her routine very much.
"The Botox is every three months and Restylane is every seven months. Hair removal is more often. She was going once a week for the skin laser. The laser retightens your skin and resurfaces because of all the sun that she gets. She messed up her skin. When you lay out in the sun, you're skin gets thick on top. Her skin is very thick. She tries to get rid of that thickness. Teresa pays around $1,000 for her Botox with all the places she gets it done. She pays $1,500 for Restylane. The skin resurfacing is pricey too. It's around a $1,000 at the least. And the laser hair removal is about $1,000."
Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, have decided to sell their home in New Jersey. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the couple listed their mansion for sale for $3.99 million this past week. It is believed that the two won't be able to afford their mortgage payments once their hearing is over. If Joe goes to jail, Teresa likely won't be able to afford to live in that big house and support her kids on one income. If Joe doesn't go to jail but has to pay fines/restitution (which Teresa will likely have to pay as well), that could total a million dollars or more, which would also cut into their budget big time. Selling their home is probably the smartest thing they could do right now.

And so Teresa and Joe are making a home sacrifice... but when it comes to beauty? Teresa isn't slowing down at all. Oh, and as for those divorce rumors, it still seems as though it would be a business deal. According to E! News, Tre and Joe "remain devoted to each other."

[Photo courtesy of Bravo TV]