‘Ted 2’: The Craziness Continues With Ted Getting Hitched! [Video]

Ted, the furry, lovable, adorable, cute teddy bear. is back. Wait, that needs a little rewording. Ted, the crude, partying, childish, drug induced, foul-mouthed teddy bear, is back in Ted 2. Yeah, that’s more like it.

Seth MacFarlane is bringing the CGI teddy bear back to life; filming has begun in Boston for the 2012 sequel to Ted, according to BostInno. This will be a continuation of the story about John Bennett, played by Mark Wahlberg, and his best friend since childhood, the talking, misbehaving, troublemaking Ted.

The BostInno reports that, over the past few weeks, the cast and crew for Ted 2 have been spotted in Wahlberg’s hometown of Boston. Fans have seen them set up in such hot spots as the Boston Public Garden and the South End, as well as the Financial District. Wahlberg has even been friendly enough to pose for pictures with his fans in-between filming scenes.

There are all sorts of rumors regarding the plot of Ted 2, yet, for the most part, it continues to be kept hush-hush. However, in a recent interview with Movie Maniacs, Mark Wahlberg let at least one cat out of the bag when he blurted out that moviegoers will see Ted get married in Ted 2. Yes, Ted marries Tammy Lynn, which Mark says is amazing for about a week before it turns ugly.

John Bennett (Wahlberg) will also have a new love interest, portrayed by Amanda Seyfried. There have been mixed reactions to this bit of news. Currently, fans are disappointed to hear that Mila Kunis will not be starring in Ted 2. But, according to Screen Rant, there is the possibility that she will possibly have a short cameo appearance.

We also know that Ted will be getting into some legal trouble. According to the announcement by Entertainment Weekly, Morgan Freeman is joining the cast as Ted’s civil defense attorney. That should prove to be entertaining!

According to Screen Rant, the filmmakers do not want to deviate too far from the original storyline that was so successful, yet they need it to be able to stand alone on its own merit. But one thing that won’t change is the fact that Ted nor John have grown up. Wahlberg is glad about that.

“That wouldn’t be any fun. No, no, no, they’re crazier than ever.”

What would be the fun in a grown-up Ted and John? However, there was one thing Mark Wahlberg was quick to say to Movie Maniacs about Ted 2.

“The movie still does a great balance of crazy humor with heart and emotion.”

Fans can watch for Ted 2 the sequel to hit theaters in the summer of 2015.

[Photo Credit: Galaxycine.vn]