WWE News: WWE Legend Mick Foley Claims WWE Bridged The Gap With Him, Wants To Return

When it comes to WWE, you can never say never. WWE has managed to mend their relationships with people no one ever saw them doing it with. People such as Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior and even Bruno Sammartino are all people we thought we could never see in WWE for any reason. Somehow WWE was able to grab all three. We’re lucky they did, as each brought something special back with them to the company. So it seems no matter what mistake WWE makes or even the mistake a talent makes, you can never say never to a talent returning or having some role with WWE.

It should come as no shock in knowing this that it seems Mick Foley feels like he can make his way back to WWE. To set the stage, Mick Foley left WWE years ago and went to TNA Wrestling. He spoke about how Vince McMahon used to yell in his ear while he was on the announcer team, and he felt unneeded and it just wasn’t worth it for him to be there. Then WWE promoted one of his books, one that both he and McMahon spoke about before Foley left the WWE.

Foley saw this and was taken by surprise by it. After his TNA deal expired, he left the company and made his way back to WWE. There WWE put him in the Hall of Fame and even made a new documentary on him, one that is still highly regarded among WWE fans. It seemed Mick had purpose again. He was used on random RAW segments and under a Legends Deal, making him eligible to be used in various capacities outside the company to represent them.

Then, the bottom fell out. Foley again felt unneeded and a bit hurt. The real push over was the royalty pay for WWE 2K14, which a lot of WWE talent was very much screwed over with. THQ had gone out of business and a lot of the game’s sales helped them out. So naturally royalties were lower, and especially so for Mick. So he let his Legends Contract expire and officially left WWE. Then, WWE did something special for Foley.

On the latest episode of the Monday Night Wars on the WWE Network, WWE dedicated an entire part of the series to Foley. They said a lot of terrific things about him. The entire show was really honoring Foley for what all he did for the company. Mick saw this, and decided to let the WWE and Vince McMahon know his thoughts on Facebook, saying…

Mick Foley title win

“Dear Mr McMahon;

Thank you. I am beyond grateful, and feel that this episode of #TheMondayNightWar might just be the bridge that brings me back home to #WWE. Hard to believe that such an amazing bridge can be built for only $9.99 a month.


Mick Foley
3X WWE Champion”

Foley’s daughter, Noelle is a huge WWE fan and has been for some time and has been seen at several WWE events. I recommend googling her, you’re welcome in advance. Not only is she a huge fan but so is Mick’s son, Dewey. Foley mentioned that the two loved seeing their father part of WWE again. However, when you feel bad about how you’re treated naturally you just don’t want to be part of the place disrespecting you.

However, WWE made a big jump in Foley’s eyes seemingly with the Monday Night Wars series.

WWE could have glossed over Foley’s work in WWE, similar to how they did with Goldberg’s work in WCW. They did not however, and dedicated the entire show to him. Something WWE certainly didn’t have to do. Now, Foley seemingly wants to come back to WWE. Whether or not WWE wants him back is another thing entirely. However, Foley brings so much to WWE outside of wrestling that you can use him in various roles.

Even if Foley was used as an ambassador for WWE only, that is still a role that he can fill well and possibly better than most.

Foley could be a GM or even a manager. He has also proven that his voice can count in any storyline, as he was a cool addition to both the John Cena/Rock rivalry as well as CM Punk’s WWE Championship run, giving us gold on the mic. Even after his wrestling career has clearly passed, the brilliance of Foley can still be tapped into by WWE. What role they will give him is up in the air. It’s Mick Foley though, who wouldn’t want him around doing at least something?

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, RantSports.com]