‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Episode 27 Brings Holly And Abby Face-Off

A new episode of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night and there is going to be a pretty big battle in this one it seems. Abby Lee Miller routinely criticizes the girls and the moms, but Holly is going to institute a new approach when it comes to tracking and calling this out. Fans want Dance Moms spoilers, and there are some juicy ones available. What can fans expect from Season 4’s Episode 27, airing on September 9?

The show’s Facebook page shows a Dance Moms spoiler sneak peek where Holly puts together a board to have up where the moms watch rehearsals. The white board has all of the girl’s names listed, except Maddie’s. Each time Abby says something inappropriate to one of the girls, as determined by the moms, the moms add a tally mark.

It doesn’t take long for Abby to notice the board, but she’s not sure what it’s tracking. Another Dance Moms spoiler preview shows Chloe mouthing to her mom to take down the board as Abby jokes that it’s tracking the number of times the girls “cried and ran out of the room and acted like an idiot,” which is harsh but standard Abby speak.

Holly seems to be driving this one, and as the episode plays out she and Abby apparently will have an ugly face-off. Holly is even seen saying that she won’t discuss it further with the cameras on. Is there about to be another fight like what happened between Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller? Things won’t go that far, but it’s still looking ugly.

What about the actual dancing? As TV Guide notes, the episode is titled “The Understudies.” Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Kendall and Chloe will be made understudies of Maddie’s for the week. Apparently this is the move that prompts Holly’s white board to see just how often Miller favors Maddie over the other girls.

Also in this episode, the Candy Apples are back. They’ve got Gino with him, but can he help them beat the ALDC? The Dance Momsspoiler Wikia page shares the results. In terms of the group dances, there will be no face-off between ALDC and the Candy Apples. The contemporary ALDC dance is called “Playing with Matches,” and ultimately the girls do not perform the dance. Why don’t they dance?

Some buzz has been that they got disqualified for having a lit match in the dance, while other sources indicate Abby pulled the dance. It seems the dominant buzz is that Abby pulled it because she didn’t want to lose to Cathy and the Candy Apples. However, it will surely be edited to look like something else when the show airs on Tuesday.

Maddie does a solo and gets first place. Not only that, she apparently gets the highest score out of any of the solo, duet or trio dances at that competition. McKenzie and Gino of the Candy Apples will also have solos in this competition.

Only a few episodes remain until the season 4 finale and fans are anxious to see what more will go down. Tune in to Lifetime on Tuesday, September 9 to watch Dance Moms to see just how all of the drama this week plays out.

[Image via Dance Moms Holly Twitter page]