China Cancels Dog Meat Festival

If you’re a fan of dogs you’ll be a fan of this good news, officials in China have cancelled the Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival, an event that claims the live’s of 5,000 dogs each year.

Served up as the main dish at the 600-year-old event the eating of dogs began in the 14th century when army general’s would order that barking dogs be killed and eaten so as not to give up their location to enemy forces.

The tradition was cancelled after a web campaign from animal-rights advocates drew unwanted international attention after graphic images from past festivals were shown. Images included cooked dogs and leftover carcasses.

According to the People’s Daily one animal-rights blogger wrote:

“I’ve seen the dogs being stabbed, strangled, and even beaten into comas and thrown into boiling water.”

One Chinese blogger however stood up for the practice, noting:

“I personally think dog meat is like alcohol. They are both components of our ancient Chinese culture.”

Are you happy to see the needless slaughter of thousands of dogs cancelled? I’m pretty sure enemy forces can use satellite imagery these days to find their enemies.