HopStop Wins Patent for Transit Routing and Pedestrian Navigation

Pedestrian navigation and mobile transit services HopStop, has been awarded the patent by the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office for its location-based service that provides door-to-door mass transit and walking directions.

U.S. Patent No. 7,957,871, “Methods and Apparatuses for Navigation in Urban Environments,” discloses the innovative technology and methodology used in HopStop’s dynamic transit routing engine that combines disparate transit data, street-level mapping data and user-generated input to provide optimal multi-modal directions and travel options for web and mobile users.

Joe Meyer, CEO of HopStop, in stressing the importance of the awarded patent, said:

“Mapping and navigation on smartphones present an ideal user experience upon which to layer compelling, popular and valuable local services to consumers and advertisers alike. This patent further accelerates HopStop’s leadership role in the industry, and allows us to take greater advantage of the huge market opportunity presented by local search and mobile services.”

As a matter of disclosure, the writer is addicted to HopStop, or should we say, dependent on HopStop in navigating New York and Boston.