Ariana Grande Says There’s No Romance Between Her And Harry Styles

Harry Styles recently wrote a song for Ariana Grande to perform called “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.” While Ariana had lots of nice things to say about Harry Styles as a singer and a songwriter, she claimed there’s nothing going on between the two of them.

According to The Hindu, Ariana doesn’t think about Harry Styles when she sings the song he wrote, even if it is a surprisingly romantic tune. The song went on Grande’s album My Everything. Ariana was asked by the British magazine Heat if she was excited to have Harry Styles writing a song for her.

“Yeah, I was very excited,” said Ariana. “I mean, he was just visiting the studio and Johan (one of my producers) was like, ‘Hey, shall we write a song for Ariana?’ And Harry was like, ‘Yeah sure!’ So it all happened quite randomly.”

But just because Ariana was thrilled to have Harry Styles, one of the biggest stars from One Direction, writing a track for her new album, that doesn’t mean that any kind of spark emerged between the two singers. When Ariana was asked if she feels anything for Harry when she performed “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” she replied:

“No! I’m sorry to disappoint you… But there is no romantic attachment between me and Harry Styles.”

It does make sense that Ariana Grande wouldn’t feel anything for Harry Styles, or at least that she wouldn’t admit it. She’s been dating rapper Big Sean for a while now. And as The Inquisitr previously reported, she claims to be happy. But according to Contact Music, Grande admitted that she does understand why so many girls fall madly in love with Harry Styles.

“He is definitely very, very sweet,” Ariana said to We Love Pop magazine about Harry.

But Harry Styles might not be as desirable to his fans as previously thought. The Inquisitr just reported on the testimonies of several women who claim his breath is completely dreadful. Taylor Swift said Harry tasted like cigarettes and booze, while a lucky (maybe not so lucky?) fan stole a kiss from him backstage and said Styles tasted like ketchup and onions. Maybe this is what’s keeping Ariana from falling for Harry?

Either way, Ariana would like Harry Styles to take a short break from One Direction so that she can write a song for him to return the favor of “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.”

“It’s only right, after he wrote one for me,” Ariana said. “I’d have to repay the favor.”