Pictures Indicate Green Arrow Will Be Included In ‘Justice League’ Film?

Arrow, the hit show based on DC’s Green Arrow, stars Stephen Amell in the title role. Over the course of the Arrow series, many other DC characters have made an appearance, been mentioned or have been referenced on the show. Black Canary was introduced on the series, and soon, so will the character of Barry Allen, who is actually The Flash. Kord Omniversal, home of the second Blue Beetle and Ferris Aircraft, the employer of Hal Jordan, AKA The Green Lantern have both been referenced on Arrow. Clearly, the events and characters of the Arrow television series live in the larger DC Universe. But do they live in the DCCU? Meaning the DC Cinematic Universe. Apparently, Arrow’s star, Stephen Amell would like to think so or else he knows so. First of all, the pictures. Stephen Amell posted the following pictures on his Facebook account over the weekend according to Comic Arrow-JLA The picture on the left depicts the introduction of Green Arrow to the Justice League in the comic book. The right-hand picture features an announcement ad for the Justice League in general. So, the question is, what is Stephen Amell saying with these two pictures? Is it just that he would like to join the upcoming cast of the Justice League film that will follow Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? (And who can blame him?) Or, does he actually know something and he can’t contain his excitement – which was the same problem Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had when it came to revealing his role in the upcoming Shazam film? Some may say that this is all a non-sequitur – that the posted pictures really don’t mean much. However, what’s even more interesting is that the pictures seem to have been taken down from Stephen Amell’s Facebook Page as of today. Of course, the removal of the pictures begs the question; did Arrow’s Stephen Amell decide that this wasn’t the best way to suggest that he’d like to be in the Justice League movie or did someone in the DC upper echelon politely “ask” the Arrow star to take them down? Marvel has crossed over events and characters – and the actors who play them – from film to television with their Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show. It was reported over the weekend by the Inquisitr that in addition to three new Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator: Genisys movies, a Terminator tv show is being developed as well that will tie into those films. DC has plenty of television to draw on and will soon have more. Aside from Arrow, the new Daredevil show is currently in production for Netflix along with three other superhero live-action shows waiting in the wings. On top of that, The Flash is spinning off from Arrow, starring Grant Gustin, who also plays Barry Allen/The Flash on Arrow. But, will DC actually crossover characters and the actors who play them from tv to film and vice versa? We know that Stephen Amell is hoping he’ll get the shot to play Green Arrow on the big screen, but will he? image via Rise and Fall