Teresa Aprea vs. Jim Marchese: Who Do Fans Support?

Teresa Aprea has been keeping a low profile since the accusations against her husband, which came out a couple of weeks ago on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, were made public. Victoria Gotti revealed that Aprea’s husband Rino had cheated on Teresa with her own mother, Santa. The family has denied all accusations, but Aprea’s co-stars took the rumor and ran with it.

It is clear that there is a divide between the Aprea family and the Marchese family. When the rumor was revealed, Amber Marchese was present, and she was shocked. Her husband, Jim, seemed to really enjoy the rumor, and he has been saying quite a few things that have upset the twins.

According to a new tweet, Teresa Aprea is happy that viewers do not believe the rumors that have been spread around lately. While watching Watch What Happens Live, Aprea’s sister Nicole Napolitano captured a screenshot of a voting, where viewers could share their support for either Teresa Aprea or Jim Marchese. And Teresa was the clear winner.

When Teresa learned that viewers supported her in feud, she was thrilled. And her fans were quick to call Marchese desperate for wanting some of the spotlight. Amber has even said that she regrets bringing her husband onto the show, because he has been so aggressive.

Things have apparently gotten so bad after this rumor surfaced that Teresa Aprea and her sister Nicole have been thinking about suing Jim for slander. It is uncertain what exactly he has said that has pushed the sisters to a lawsuit, but they are not pleased with what he has said.

Teresa and Nicole have not said that they were going after Victoria Gotti for slander, and Rino himself has not said anything in regards to the rumor. Aprea and her sister seem to be the ones cleaning up this mess.

According to the Inquisitr, Teresa Aprea has been showing her mother some love and support on Twitter after the accusations aired on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But it is certain that viewers are in full support of Aprea and her sister, even though it is uncertain whether the affair actually happened. Even if it did happen, it is up to the family whether they want it to be known.

Are you surprised that Teresa Aprea is getting plenty of support from viewers? And are you surprised that fans are not in support of Jim, who is also going after Teresa Giudice and her husband for the mortgage fraud?

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