Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Out Of Hospital, But Fighting Old Battles!

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts is on the rebound, but he isn’t back to fighting form yet. TMZ recently reported that Roberts was released from the hospital earlier this week, but while hospitalized doctors found cancer in his chest.

In late August, the wrestling world was left reeling after the announcement that Jake “The Snake” Roberts was hospitalized with double pneumonia. Robert’s most recent health troubles began on a flight to Las Vegas. Roberts began to exhibit signs of dehydration and difficulty breathing. Roberts felt so poorly that he alerted the flight crew who had an ambulance waiting to rush the ailing wrestler to a nearby hospital.

In interviews early last week, Sinn Bodhi, formerly known as the WWE wrestler Kizarny, gave updates on Roberts’ condition. At the time, Bodhi said Roberts was expected to be moved out of ICU by this weekend after doctors were able to take him off of the ventilator.

Instead, Roberts was released sometime early this weekend. Ever the crowd pleaser, Roberts appeared at a Future Stars of Wrestling independent show in Las Vegas shortly after his release. Roberts used the appearance to thank the fans for their support and update them on his health status.

The news Roberts shared was not all good. While hospitalized, doctors discovered a recurrence of cancer. While initial rumors had been mixed about the location of the cancer, Roberts confirmed that the cancerous mass is in his chest. The news is a blow not only to Roberts, but to his fans who had been getting used to the ever-improving status reports about their idol’s health. Roberts remained positive about his diagnosis saying, “If you can beat addiction, you can beat cancer.”

This isn’t Roberts’ first battle with cancer. Earlier this year, a malignant tumor was removed from Roberts’ leg.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts also took the opportunity to publicly thank the WWE for their support while he was hospitalized. During Robert’s hospitalization, WWE officials contacted his children and paid for their airfare to Las Vegas so they could visit their ailing father.

Roberts may have been eager to appear publicly so soon after his release due to the rumors that circulated early in his hospitalization. As The Inqusitr News reported, reports swirled following Roberts’ hospitalization. The rumors ranged from him having relapsed into his very well-known addictions to him having a brain tumor.

Roberts will reportedly stay in Las Vegas with Sinn Bodhi until he is well enough to travel to Georgia.