Fail! Start The Week Feeling Better About Yourself By Watching Other People Hilariously Screw Up

Fail! That’s what this viral video is all about. Put together by the highly successful folks at Fail Army, a site that declares itself, “the worldwide leader in funny fail videos,” this is their latest compilation of the “Funniest Fails of the Week.”

So you’re getting all 100 percent guaranteed fresh fail here.

There’s nothing to start your week helping you feel better about yourself than watching other people completely fall on their faces — literally and figuratively. But if you’re feeling a little guilty about laughing at the massive fails of others, you really shouldn’t. Just think of it as slapstick comedy.

Slapstick has a long history, as a matter of fact, dating back to the at least the early days of silent film. With no soundtrack, the movies couldn’t exactly feature a lot of witty banter. What kind of comedy was left? Physical comedy of course. Pratfalls. Banana peel slips. Pokes in the eye.

You know, sophisticated stuff.

Through The Three Stooges to Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, and right up to America’s Funniest Home Videos, the grand tradition of slapstick is alive and well.

So go ahead. Laugh at people who have big hearts and great intentions, but just can’t get it done without a massive — fail!