‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Big Guest Stars Arrive In Genoa City

Fans should be prepared for a big week ahead on The Young & the Restless. A new character comes in to shake things up and an old fan favorite stops by to help a family member. Viewers are anxious for The Young & the Restless spoilers, and there are some great ones available.

According to She Knows Soaps, Y&R spoilers indicate that Meredith Baxter makes her first appearance as the character of Maureen on Monday’s show. She will meet Nikki at a bar, and these two will make a connection that leads to much more down the road. From the sounds of things, Maurren will be around for a bit, and she’s definitely got an agenda.

Also during Monday’s show, The Young & the Restless spoilers indicate that Summer and Mariah will have quite the confrontation. Summer will tel Abby the truth about who Mariah is, and Austin will try to convince them to cut her some slack.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, Mariah is determined to stay far away from the Newmans and she goes to the bar to turn in her things. The Young & the Restless spoilers indicate that this is where she runs in to Summer, and where Austin decides to stick up for her. Now that Mariah’s true connection to Sharon is known, viewers can expect this to be a complicated situation for quite some time yet.

Both Jack and Summer are doing a lot of thinking and talking about Phyllis, and of course that’s for good reason: the character will be out of her coma and back in the mix of things soon. As for Nikki, she argues with Victor over his leaving the family in the lurch. He’s mad that she seemingly turns to Paul instead of him over and over again. Later Nikki heads to the bar and orders a drink, and that’s when she encounters Maureen.

On Wednesday’s show, Shemar Moore is back as Malcolm Winters. He surprises Neil and is going to try to convince his brother to open up to getting help. Neil has been resistant and angry when it comes to his blindness, and Malcolm hopes to help him adapt and face the truth about what lies ahead. As much as fans would love to see these brothers together for some time, Malcolm will only appear on Wednesday and Thursday’s shows.

Throughout the week, Y&R spoilers indicate that Paul will be investigating Ian’s disapperance. When he got to the Newman ranch after Nikki’s 911 call he found bloody footprints. He will end up getting a call indicating that Ian may have headed to Canada, but he suspects that something far more dire may have happened. Paul does notice Dylan’s injured hand, and there is definitely more to come on this front.

Also, as the week continues, Nick will put together a surprise for Sharon. Things are a bit rocky right now with the big Mariah revelation, and that is going to take some time to play out. However, Nick and Sharon seem determined to weather this latest storm.

Stay tuned for more The Young & the Restless spoilers as Avery’s ex-husband is due to join the show in October and Adam Newman finally returns with Justin Hartley in the role come November. The Young & the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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