WWE Needs Triple H To Survive: How Cerebral Assassin Is Future Of Sports Entertainment

Triple H is often ripped for riding the coattails of his wife and father-in-law, but the recent and well-deserved battering that WWE Creative has taken the last few months is further reminder of why WWE fans need The Game now more than ever.

Paul Michael Levesque has been a student of professional wrestling, or sports entertainment if you will, since long before many of the main WWE demographic started watching.

In a recent interview with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, he detailed some of that history in a 90-minute conversation that occurred backstage just before SummerSlam.

Far from his overconfident, bad attitude stage persona, Triple H is in reality a level-headed guy with a foresight lacking on the creative side this day and age. He started at the bottom. He was respectful of those ahead of him. He immersed himself in the business side even while putting together a Hall of Fame worthy in-ring career.

It’s because of him there is a superior wrestling product known as NXT under the WWE brand. He created the WWE performance center Full Sail University and put together a hugely talented roster many fans rightly lament as being misused on the current product.

Furthermore, he gives guys like Windham Lawrence Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) 100 percent credit for creating and building the personas that go over with the fans. In contrast, WWE has, in the past, attempted to place a stranglehold on gimmicks popularized by the men who made them work (i.e. Diesel, Razor Ramon, and the Ultimate Warrior).

Vince McMahon is still very much the head of creative. He makes decisions regarding every angle, even micro-managing the on-camera product to the point of telling the announcers what to say via headset as the broadcast is in session.

During the Jericho interview, Triple H noted how WWE is McMahon’s entire life, and how retirement simply isn’t an option. And while Vince McMahon deserves a lot of credit for the juggernaut he created in the WWE, all great talents reach an expiration date, and the Genetic Jackhammer is well beyond his creatively, as The Inquisitr recently noted in a piece detailing why it was time for Vince to go.

If you listen to the Triple H Talk Is Jericho, you’ll see that McMahon hadn’t even thought about finding and nurturing future superstars. He was still hung up on the stars he’d made more than a decade ago.

That’s why you see Brock Lesnar and John Cena dominating the Main Event picture. It’s why Big Show is up next for Lesnar, reportedly, after the Beast Incarnate destroys Cena again at Night Of Champions.

It’s also why talents, such as Bo Dallas, who are more entertaining and fun to watch than 95 percent of the WWE roster have started to slip in McMahon’s eyes. And last but not least, it’s why McMahon planned to bury Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam had he been healthy.

Vince no longer gets what his fans want. All indicators are that his son-in-law does. If you haven’t checked out the full two-part interview with the Cerebral Assassin, we recommend doing so at once. You’ll walk away with a new appreciation for the man called Triple H.