Pharrell Williams Goes Green With Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Music entrepreneur Pharrell Williams has taken initiatives to give back to the earth and help the planet. He has collaborated with G-Star and Bionic Yarn to produce fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles found floating in the sea.

Pharrell Williams is a famous American singer and fashion designer known for his song “Happy” in the movie Despicable Me 2. He has earned seven Grammy Awards in music, but has also ventured into other forms of entertainment, including his fashion and art brand i am OTHER.This hasn’t been the only time Williams has been in the news recently. According to another report from the Inquisitr News, Pharrell Williams was sued by Artst Tlk for $1 million in damages after he bailed to join NBC’s The Voice.

In his fashion career, Williams has decided to release an eco-friendly line of clothes from “the goliath of denim.” “It’s for two reasons: one because the planet does need help,” Pharrell Williams says. “Y’know, our planet is sick. We people are the bloodline and there are some blockages with all the crazy things going on in the world. The second reason is that so many amazing things have happened to me. I’ve had some really generous and blessed harvesting. The least I can do is get to our global community and give back to the earth.”

After his September 5th fashion performance during the New York Fashion Week where the clothing line was first revealed, Pharrell Williams commented, “It’s very easy to forget we live on this planet. We don’t want to just talk about it, but we actually wanted to put it in practice.”

Using recycled plastic bottles from the ocean for clothing will promote green practice all around the world. Recycling helps reduce the number of landfills and pollution on our earth. Hopefully, Pharrell Williams’s initiative will also clean up our oceans and save marine life as well as will urge other companies to adopt the same practice.

“I have been given opportunities by really great companies, and I’ve been given opportunities by really great people,” he said in an interview. “I wanted to learn more about what’s out there creatively and how I could further find new ways to express myself.”

Pharrell Williams’s collection of eco-friendly clothing will go on sale in stores starting Saturday. The more sales, the better impact it will have on promoting green practice.

[Image via Getty Images]