Charlotte Rampling and Diane Kruger — Who Are Jason Wu’s Spring Collection Muses?

Jason Wu’s new spring collection is based on two European women known as much for their classic roles as for their classic taste. Wu drew inspiration from Charlotte Rampling and Diane Kruger for his series of looks that have had everyone talking — even if some of them are slow to recall the names of his muses. New York Magazine, where the full collection can be viewed, published the following overheard exchange from hair-glamour giant Kérastase’s owner Odile Gilbert.

“It’s based on – what’s her name?”

Actress? French? The beauty editors queried.

“No, well, French-English.”

Younger or older?

“Older…very sexy.”

Oh, Charlotte Rampling!

“Yes, yes!”

While both Kruger and Rampling continue to work in high-profile projects, Rampling is slightly less known due to the fact that she has had few blockbuster roles like Kruger. Charlotte joined the cast of Dexter for its much-maligned final season, but other than this television role, her filmography is merely peppered with roles that diverge from the art-house circuit, the best of which can be found on an introductory list to actress’ work on Buzzfeed. One of her most famous appearances was alongside Paul Newman in the Sidney Lumet thriller The Verdict.

While Rampling may not have the name recognition of other older actresses like Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren, or younger ones like Diane, her credit has been a source of pride of several of Hollywood and Europe’s greatest filmmakers. Charlotte starred as Woody Allen’s love interest in his 1980 comedy Stardust Memories.

Kruger, in contrast to Rampling, has not been shy whatsoever about taking parts that put her front and center in big studio pictures. Among her most prominent work is when she starred alongside Brad Pitt and Eric Bana as Helen in Troy. In a further break from Charlotte’s arty list of characters, Diane also played Dr. Abigail Chase in National Treasure and its sequel Book of Secrets.

But that’s not to say that Kruger is any less of a legend than Rampling. Diane has also played in many films by prominent directors. The famously picky Quentin Tarantino even cast her as Bridget von Hammersmark in his 2009 hit Inglourious Basterds.

As for Charlotte Rampling and Diane Kruger’s influence on Jason Wu’s spring collection itself, it is more their modeling work that he channeled. According to New York Magazine, Jason specifically drew inspiration from a nude photograph of Rampling taken by Helmut Newton in 1973. Kruger herself is a fan of the designer, even carrying her own custom Wu purse, according to USA Today.

[Images via Wikipedia and About A Woman, About A Girl]