Mariah Carey Wants Full Custody Of The Kids? But So Does Nick

Mariah Carey, despite her divorce woes, is still finding the opportunity to spend quality time with her kids Moroccan and Monroe. On Facebook last Friday, the singer posted a couple of pictures of her and the kids enjoying a day at the pool. Nick couldn’t be seen anywhere in the pictures, but Mariah seemed to be quite content spending time alone with the kids despite rehearsals for her Asian tour and confronting divorce negotiations taking up most of her time.

In 2008, Carey married Cannon just weeks after they officially announced their relationship. Although the wedding was met with mixed reactions from most fans and haters, Mariah’s admirers remained loyal to her and Nick until split stories began circulating the internet. Apparently, Carey had been having troubles maintaining a healthy relationship with the actor, with some stories even claiming that the two couldn’t stand being in the same room together. However, as the split becomes more and more realized, Mariah Carey and her ex are beginning to rekindle their relationship — at least at a platonic level — for the sake of the kids.

It appears that what is keeping them civil are the children, who have been their major focus over the past few years. However, the peace between the two might be disturbed very soon as further rumors regarding the split become known to the public. Intriguing reports from different sources seem to imply that both Mariah Carey and her soon-to-be former husband are fighting to get custody of the three-year-olds.

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Mariah is using everything in her power to get the two under her care. The legal aspect of the battle is getting tougher, as Carey allegedly got her lawyers to hit Cannon with a gag order to prevent him from speaking in public about the ongoing separation. Nick, on the other hand, is also reportedly pushing his efforts to get Moroccan and Monroe on his side. Apparently, the actor is allegedly concerned that Mariah Carey won’t be an ideal parent for the kids.

An insider for OK! revealed these alleged concerns.

“Nick says Mariah cares more about herself than tending to the children. She stays up all night analyzing pictures of herself and obsessing over how she’s aging – and she sleeps all day.”

These controversial claims contradict the series of statements Cannon tweeted to his 4 million-plus followers this week. In a recent report by The Inquisitr, it was revealed that the actor had nothing but praise for Carey, telling everyone what an “amazing mother” she actually is.

Mariah Carey is set to open her Asian tour in Tokyo this October.

[Image from DWNews/Flickr]