Zach Randolph Prepared To Miss Entire Season Over Labor Deal

NBA players are taking a hard stance on the NBA labor lockout threatening to play in other leagues around the world if NBA officials don’t get their act together. One of those players, Grizzlies’ forward Zach Randolph stands to lose a large chunk of his recently signed $66 million four-year deal yet he’s standing beside his fellow players.

According to Commerical Appeal:

“With the ink barely dry on a four-year contract extension he signed in April, Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph knows exactly what he stands to lose if the NBA season is lost due to a labor dispute. But Randolph insists that collecting on the first year of a deal that pays $66 million guaranteed with $5 million in incentives isn’t his main concern regarding the league-imposed lockout. Randolph says he’s willing to miss the 2011-12 NBA regular season and a big payday rather than accept a bad deal.”

While he’s standing behind his fellow NBA b-ballers Randolph will not attend the union’s regional meeting on Monday, instead choosing to stick by whatever decisions his fellow players and managers agree to implement.

As the NBA continues to negotiate with the players union some of the leagues stars have been offered lucrative deals in the European league including Lakers Star Kobe Bryan who stands to early $6.7 million should he choose to play for Italy during the upcoming season.

Are you standing beside the players decision to renegotiate? I personally find it hard to root for a bunch of millionaires sports figures when the economy is down.