Ed Sheeran Made An EDM Track

U.K. born singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has been experimenting with all sorts of new musical styles. Ed recently worked with Jessie Ware and collaborated with Rick Ross on a remix of his song “Don’t,” as well as recording two original songs with DJ David Guetta for other musicians to perform. But it seems something in the club scene must have stuck with him, because now Ed Sheeran has created a piece of music that he describes as EDM, or electronic dance music.

According to MTV News, Ed Sheeran worked with Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix to generate his very first electronic dance track, a variation on Sheeran’s traditional acoustic style. Sheeran shared the news via his Instagram account, posting a picture of him and Garrix hanging out in the studio. Ed posted the photo along with this caption.

“Finished up my very first EDM song with Martin Garrix, brilliant experience, looking forward to you all hearing it.”

Martin Garrix publicized the collaboration with Ed in a similar manner, posting his own Instagram photo of the two at the studio work station. Ed Sheeran can be seen strumming his guitar while Garrix adjusts the audio mix levels. Garrix posted the following caption.

“Studioday with @teddysphotos I love it!!!!”

This collaboration did not come as a complete surprise. Garrix previously mentioned that he would be working with Ed Sheeran sometime this year.

While working on the track with Ed, Garrix said to MTV News, “[The song is ] almost finished, we’re just tweaking! I”m tweaking the little things right now, [Ed Sheeran] already delivered an amazing vocal and there are plans to work on a lot more tracks as well.”

There hasn’t been an official announcement of the title of the song, but according to Digital Spy, the rumored title is “Rewind Repeat It.”

Garrix explained how he met Ed Sheeran and how the track began.

“I met him in Los Angeles and we started talking and hanging out and I sent him a chord progression with synths and he came back with an amazing topline on it.”

But that’s not all. The Sheeran / Garrix collab will actually be released in two versions.

“I am thinking about making two versions, one more sweet and one really for the festivals,” said Garrix. “Ed already delivered an amazing vocal and there are plans to work on a lot more tracks as well.”

Check back with The Inquisitr for the official release of Sheeran’s new song.