December 4, 2017
Junior Jihadis: ISIS Tweets Of Children In Islamic State Garb Shock Viewers

Photos of "junior jihadis" adorned with ISIS flags and weapons have been popping up on Twitter, and shocking nearly all who have viewed them. The disturbing photos are also often accompanied by equally upsetting messaged written in English. The junior jihadis photos were reportedly taken by the parents of the children and Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria – and fighters from Great Britain.

One of the junior jihadis features a baby lying on an ISIS flag surrounded by weapons. Another image features two young boys posing with rifles. Both images were noted as photos of jihadists of the future. A Twitter user identified as Abu Farris, tweeted a photo of a child who appeared to be firing a machine gun from the back up a pickup truck. The caption for the photo said, "Abul Farooq 7 yr old kid with his dad in dawlah. He's soooo cute!!"

islamic state
Baby shown on ISIS flag surrounded by weapons.

ISIS children tweets
ISIS 'junior jihadis' post with guns.

Another caption beneath on of the ISIS children pics shared on Twitter read, "Syria: two young mujahideen for ISIS not older than 14: lol these cats were with me in training camp. Beneath the photo of posted by an Islamic State member believed to be Canadian, said, "Lil Mahmoud rockin' the turban hard."

A Twitter user identified as Ali Al Farsi, who goes by @KarirsNightmare, on the social media platform, listed his location as Syria. Ali Al Farsi tweeted, "Abu Alaa, 14 years old, did martyrdom operation. May Allah accept his jihad & give him the highest rand of Al Firdaws."

The photos of the young Islamic State fighters come on the heels of heightened terrorism concerns as the thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack nears. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, news alerts have stated that the Texas Border is so insecure that ISIS fighters allegedly in Juarez, Mexico, could simply walk into the United States and hit soft targets such as schools, churches, and shopping malls. A Border Patrol report revealed that illegal immigrants from 75 countries, including Syria, have entered the United States illegally this year. Infowars reporter Joe Biggs recently dressed as an ISIS fighter, simulated a beheading just feet from the Texas Border, and then walked into the country undetected.

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What do you think of the young jihadis photos posted on Twitter and threats made by the Islamic State against America?

[Images via: Twitter]