ISIS Are ‘Barbaric Killers,’ Obama And Cameron Say In Joint Statement

ISIS are “barbaric killers” who will not intimidate the rest of the world, President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron said in a joint statement this week.

Within the last several weeks, the group now calling itself Islamic State has taken over large portions of Iraq and Syria, killing thousands of civilians in the process. ISIS has also struck out against the Western world, beheading two American journalists who had been Syria in recent years.

But a worldwide coalition of nations has responded to ISIS, with the United States conducting more than 100 airstrikes.

Now, at a NATO meeting, Obama and Cameron said the militants are guilty of “brutal and poisonous extremism.” In a joint op-ed published Wednesday night, the leaders also called for an end to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“Whether it is regional aggression going unchecked or the prospect that foreign fighters could return from Iraq and Syria to pose a threat in our countries, the problems we face today threaten the security of British and American people, and the wider world,” the world leaders added.

The White House has already gotten tough on ISIS. Earlier this month Vice President Joe Biden condemned their actions, promising that U.S. forces would pursue the militants to the “gates of Hell” after the murder of journalist James Foley. Biden added that the United States will make sure the terrorists “reside” in Hell from now on.

Many other nations have joined the fight against ISIS. Germany has supplied arms to fighters in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region who have so far been able to push ISIS back from gains made earlier in the summer. Iran has also conducted some strikes against the group.

Even Pope Francis has spoken out against ISIS, saying action must be taken to stop the group. This has reportedly put the Roman Catholic leader in the group’s crosshairs.