September 4, 2014
Joe Biden Condemns ISIS: 'Hell Is Where They Will Reside!' Promises Vice-President [Video]

While President Barack Obama has been criticized for what some have called his indecisive response to the alarming emergence of the Islamic State — the paramilitary terror group that has now murdered two American journalists and posted videos of the atrocities on the internet — Vice-President Joe Biden showed Wednesday that he, for one, does not mess around.

While Biden obviously is not Commander-in-Chief of the military — the president is — and has no power to make military decisions, Biden spared nothing in his rhetoric as he promised to condemn the Islamic State terrorists to Hell.

Biden promised that U.S. forces would pursue the IS militants "to the gates of Hell," promising additionally to make the terrorists "reside" in Hell.

Biden made the pledge in an impassioned speech at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in New Hampshire — an event planned before the killings of the two U.S. journalists.

New Hampshire is the home state of James Foley, the first of two Americans beheaded by Islamic state militants in gruesome videos. The murder of the second American, Steven Sotloff, was revealed by IS — formerly known as ISIS — in a sickening video that emerged online Tuesday.

Blasting the IS killers, Biden promised his New Hampshire audience that "Hell is where they will reside!"

Ripping the Islamic fanatics as "barbarians," Biden speculated that by brutally cutting off the heads of two Americans, IS terrorists "somehow think that it's going to lessen U.S. resolve, frighten us, intimidate us."

Biden recalled the United States response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, and the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, the terror chieftain behind the attacks, almost 10 years later.

Biden also invoked the "Boston Strong" response to the Boston Marathon bombings by two Muslim Chechen-Americans in 2013.

"If they think the American people will be intimidated, they don't know us very well," Biden declared. "When people harm Americans, we don't retreat, we don't forget. We take care of those who are grieving. And when that is finished, they should know: We will follow them to the Gates of Hell, until they are brought to justice, because Hell is where they will reside!"
Raising his voice to a shout, Biden repeated the final pledge for emphasis, again declaring, "Hell is where they will reside!"

CNN captured video of Biden's hellfire-and-brimstone speech, the key passage of which can be seen below.

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