‘Talking’ Dog Will Answer Any Question For A Treat — But This One Seems A Bit Too Difficult

Talking dog videos — and for that matter, talking animal videos of every species — form a whole genre of YouTube videos that, to be honest, we weren’t even aware of until pretty recently. But now that we’ve learned about this new trend, we’re big fans.

Of course, for those of you who need these things spelled out for you, the animals don’t really talk. But the best talking animal videos are dubbed so perfectly that, well, it’s hard to imagine the talking dog or talking cat saying anything else.

Here’s one that was posted earlier this week, with a talking dog whose owner wants him to answer questions for his treats. Fair enough. If you’re smart enough to talk, the least you can do is answer a few questions.

But this one — well, the degree of difficulty is rather high. And not just for a dog. There are plenty of humans — us included — who couldn’t answer this question. But the taking dog at least takes a good stab at it.

We think you’ll find this talking dog video as funny as we did. For more, check out the Talking Animals Facebook page. Yes, there is a Talking Animals Facebook page.