‘Animal Crackers’ Makes A Viral Revival; Hilarious Talking Animals [Video]

Animal Crackers, the viral video of talking animals with over 17 million views, is making its way back around the internet again. The talking animals compilation of excerpts, taken from the BBC One show Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side, was pieced together by DJ Shamrock and is almost unreasonably popular.

“Alan,” an adorable prairie dog proclaims throughout the Animal Crackers video, is initially amusing in the way some things can only be funny after they wear you down repeatedly, and you start to feel like you are a part of it. It’s fiercely debated online that the furry critter might be yelling for Ellen. Maybe it would be easier to just stay on the look out for Steve instead?

YouTube user Tiffany McLaughlin writes, “This is making the rounds again. If you haven’t seen it, you must watch. If you have seen it, watch again. Hilarious!”

It almost doesn’t seem like this talking animal compilation is funny enough to have over 17 million views, but the video is one that many of the viewers watch again and again.

YouTube user Captain Quinn proclaims, “This will NEVER get old!”

Jordone Gardone, a writer for Explosion, explains that because you’re viewing this compilation video, “Today is the day when you will forget everything bad that happened to you yesterday or over the past week.” According to Gardone, BBC producers with Walk on the Wild Side gave DJ Shamrock permission to post the Animal Crackers video even though it contains BBC copyrighted material.

A blogger at PetFlow.com, apparently writing through tears of laughter, promises that it is the funniest talking animal video ever made and guarantees that it will make you “more than smile.”

A Facebook user by the name of Tardis Timelord swears the furry little guy is calling out Alan.

“The ‘Alan’ bit is taken from a very funny show called QI,” Timelord writes, “The prairie dog is calling for Alan Davies at first and then calls for Steven Fry. TOO Funny.”

Tardis seems to know his BBC trivia and is probably correct. If so, will someone let the sweet, punkin’ prairie dog know that I found them both for him? I believe he’s off getting the royal treatment at the BBC’s posh online zoo.

While the Alan verses Ellen debate might be officially over, the decision if Animal Crackers is another case of an emperor getting a new wardrobe or the BBC’s uncanny ability to hook the hearts of millions is up to you to decide. Watch the Animal Crackers video of wildlife talking in British accents and then let The Inquisitr know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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