David Cassidy Guilty of DWI: ‘I Didn’t Hurt Anyone Or Crash My Car!’

The 1970s teen heartthrob of The Partridge Family, David Cassidy, pleaded guilty in a New York court today for drunk driving. According to Yahoo!News, Cassidy spends time at the Saratoga Race Course every summer, which is 40 miles north of Schodack where he was arrested last year for driving while intoxicated.

When the cops pulled him over, he was tested, and Cassidy’s blood alcohol level was 0.10 – way over the legal limit of.08, according to TMZ. Cassidy was charged with a felony, but when he pleaded guilty in court, it reduced his charge to a misdemeanor of Driving While Intoxicated.

Also, in return for Cassidy’s guilty plea, he gets a tentative sentence of a conditional discharge that includes 50 hours of community service in Florida, his home state, and Cassidy has to have an ignition interlock installed in his car. This means he has to blow into a machine that checks for alcohol before his car will start – for an entire year.

The judge decided to put off formal sentencing until November 5. Although Cassidy has already completed an alcohol treatment program, the judge will determine in November if Cassidy needs further treatment. This did not sit well with David Cassidy. — Remember your theme song, David: Come On Get Happy!

“Your honor, I came here today hoping to get this taken care of and over with,” Cassidy complained as reported by Web Pro News.

But Justice Bruce J. Wagner informed Cassidy that the law requires him to follow through with an alcohol screening before sentencing can be determined. The judge went on to say, “Assistant District Attorney Michael Shanley’s office should have asked for a presentencing report,” reveals Web Pro News.

Cassidy’s attorney, Lucas Mihuta, tried to convince the judge to go ahead with the sentencing, but to no avail. The judge stood firm.

David Cassidy’s statement after he left the courtroom would leave most people shaking their heads at the very least:

“I’m not pleased how this turned out tonight, but at least I’m not going to prison. Is this an election year? I don’t mean any disrespect. I love this part of New York and have been coming here for years to the track. I admit I was driving drunk, but this was my first offense in New York State. I didn’t hurt anyone or crash my car.”

There are so many things in those few sentences that are appalling. But first, keep in mind these facts: According to Web Pro News, this is David Cassidy’s third arrest for a DUI…THIRD! He had a DUI in March in Los Angeles and another DUI in Florida prior to that.

So, does he have a right to “not be pleased” with how his court appearance turned out? With three DUI’s on his record, should he even still have a driver’s license? And he says he’s thankful to not be in prison. He should be! And he has the audacity to show a lack of respect for the law and the judge by asking if it was an election year?

Also, he says this was his first offense in New York State. Is this a good thing? He’s had three in three different states! But he thinks he should be cut some slack because this is his first arrest in New York?

David Cassidy Mug Shot

And, finally, his last statement where Cassidy says he didn’t hurt anyone or crash his car. He’s lucky. He is a repeat offender. Will it take Cassidy hurting someone or killing an innocent person before he stops?

[Photo Credit: xokexoda.sourceforge.net, WebProNews.com]