Garth Brooks Releases New Single, ‘People Loving People’

Back in 2001, Garth Brooks retired from the stage. So he said, but for the past decade or so, Brooks has been steadily touring and now has released a new single, People Loving People, to country music radio as well as tour dates for an upcoming album. The single, written by busbee, Lee Thomas Miller and Chris Wallin, is a sing-along song with a message encapsulated in its title. Garth recorded the single earlier this year and it’s expected to be available for purchase on September 8, according to Rolling Stone. The album itself has not been named and will hit store shelves in November.

“All the colors and the cultures circle ’round us on a spindle/It’s a complicated riddle/The solution is so simple.”

Fans, so far, are in a love-hate relationship with People Loving People. One tweeted that the new Garth Brooks sounds like Martina McBride, another that “Garth’s still got it!”

People Loving People is clearly a message song, a genre that Garth Brooks is no stranger to. Brooks’ Born This Way, released in 1993, was a clear, supportive message for gay rights, as was We Shall Be Free. Garth has often focused on messages of addiction, humanitarian love, and anti-war themes.

edit-11665-1409758146-35Entertainment Weekly says that People Loving People is a “granola crunch” standout in country radio’s current stream of “beer-sloshed bro anthems.” It’s a big change from the four-disc cover set Brooks released last year.

The new single releases two days before Garth Brooks is to begin a new world tour, which kicks off in Chicago, according to Entertainment Weekly. A new Garth Brooks album is set to release in late November as well. That album will likely have several duets with wife Trisha Yearwood, who is also readying a new album, says the Inquisitr. The two will tour together, beginning with Friday’s concert in Chicago. The tour will mark the first time Garth Brooks has been in Florida in 17 years, according to a tour date extension announcement included in the song’s release.