Trisha Yearwood Comeback: Garth Brooks Wife Announces New Album

Trisha Yearwood Comeback

A Trisha Yearwood comeback is finally happening. The country music singer, and wife of Garth Brooks, has announced her comeback album, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

Trisha Yearwood was a hit in the 1990’s with her catchy songs like She’s In Love With The Boy, Walkaway Joe, and more.

Trisha Yearwood’s comeback comes just over a month after her husband, country music superstar Garth Brooks, announced his own comeback.

According to People Magazine, Yearwood’s comeback album will be titled PrizeFighter, and will be her first record in seven years.

“I am really nervous. I haven’t been out of the house in a while! There’s so much going on my management team has to text me every 30 minutes to tell me where to be and what I’m doing.”

Although Trisha Yearwood is making a comeback to country music, she has been busy with other endeavors over the past seven years. The singer built a new brand by authoring cook books, and has even stared on the Food Network. Trisha’s Southern Kitchen will launch its fifth season on August 23, Fox News reports.

The very next day, Trisha Yearwood will debut her Precious Metals cookware on QVC. She’ll also publish her third cookbook this spring.

It’s seems Trisha Yearwood’s comeback comes at a very busy time for the singer, who will also join hubby Garth Brooks on his upcoming tour, which kicks off in Chicago on September 4.

However, Trisha is excited, and ready to be back in the game.

“When I got my first record deal at 26 I looked at my career like a pro ballplayer. These guys come have their time, have a few good years but they have to know when they can’t swing the bat anymore. It’s been 23 years since that first single and I’m just not ready to stop swinging the bat.”

Fans are buzzing about Trisha Yearwood’s comeback, and what her new album may sound like. Will she continue to create great, classic Trisha songs, or will it be a new and different sound for the singer? Either way, her supporters are ecstatic and can’t wait to see if perhaps she’ll have a duet with Garth Brooks on the new album. According to The Inquisitr, it may be possible the couple may even tour together after its release!

The possibilities are endless for Trisha Yearwood’s comeback, and budding career. It seems she’s great at reinventing herself, and exploring all her interests.

What do you think about Trisha Yearwood’s comeback?

[Image: AP via Fox News]