September 4, 2014
More Than 100 Kids Banned From One School On Same Day, You Won't Believe The Reason Why

More than 100 kids were sent home from the same school on the same day for a reason that defies reason and beggars belief.

As all parents know, it's important for your child to start their first day of term on the right foot in preparation for the year ahead.

Perhaps the worst thing which can happen is for your child to be sent home for the most trivial reason.

First impressions count, and if a child's initial experiences of school is rejection and exclusion for pretty superficial and shallow reasons, then it does not bode well for the child's long-term opinion of school in general.

Take for example the case of The Coseley School in England, where more than 100 kids were sent home on the first day for wearing the wrong sort of shoes.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? But it gets worse. The school is demanding pupils wear plain black shoes that cannot be classed as trainers.

Sounds fair enough, but here's the rub, angry parents told The Mirror they were not notified about the new rules until they received a text message the night before.

Angry parents explained that even if they had the money for the new footwear, they were not given enough notice.

Michelle Clark purchased a pair of black lace-ups for school costing more than $100 dollars for her son Ellia. Clark was outraged when she received a text from teachers on the first day of term saying he had been sent home from school because he was wearing the wrong footwear.

The 38-year-old mum from Wolverhampton explained:

"Ellian is 13 but was sent home from school without a key, while my husband and I were at work."
However, Head-Teacher Kirsty Westhead-Jones disagrees that parents were only informed about the changes to uniform the day before the start of term and insisted parents were told all about the rules in the initial letter in May and another one sent in July.

The head-teacher seems to be laying the sole responsibility at the foot of the parents and told The Mirror:

"We have improved our uniform by asking parents not to send their children in trainers."
The question that needs to be asked is, does wearing the wrong sort of footwear justify sending more than 100 children home on the first day of term and in doing so deny them a full day's education.

Talk about putting your foot in it. What do think? Were the school justified in their decision to give the kids the boot or is it just a case of bureaucracy gone crazy?