‘RHONJ’ Star In X-Rated Raunchy Sex Acts Bravo Never Aired: Who Is It?

A nasty little secret among cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been revealed. Let’s just say it involves X-rated footage and other scurrilous acts by one RHONJ housewife in particular, that Bravo dared not show to its viewing audience, under threats of legal action.

Obviously, when show producers hatched a script around the Jersey divas, they took a play right out of Jerry Springer’s playbook. Season after season, the plumes of F-bombs, chair-tossing, weave-grabbing and claw-scratching antics kept you glued to the tube. However, had you been privy to the edited NSFW scenes, your jaws would unhinged from their already drooped position.

A show insider shared deets of the ungainly acts among the RHONJ cast that lawyers kept off the air, according to Radar Online.

“The girls were all asked if somebody would demonstrate the proper way to give a blow job on a bottle of beer. One of the housewives really rose to the occasion. She volunteered to demonstrate.”

And if that doesn’t turn your noggin to mush, there’s more: the same liquored-up and libido-charged housewife admitted to performing sex acts on her spouse, and it was caught on tape.

“She alluded to the fact that one of the games she and her husband play in the bedroom involves a strap on. The rest of the girls sat shocked, refusing to partake in any of the sexual demonstrations.”

And being the nice wife that she is, the nameless RHONJ sex-goddess opened up about her tell-all antics to her husband, who was not too pleased about the shocker.

Word is he was so livid that he contacted Bravo and threatened legal action, should they feel compelled to air the steamy footage. Well, they didn’t, for good reasons. But with today’s obligatory “leaks” and naked photo hacks in Hollywood, perhaps, you’ll see the super-secret footage on a site near you.

The latest RHONJ scandal is starkly reminiscent of one that unfolded on the Real Housewives of Orange County back in December. Then, it was learned that Tamra Barney”s ex-husband, Simon Barney, petitioned a judge to prevent his three children from appearing on any RHOC episodes.

His reasons? The kids had suffered “consistent embarrassment” and ridicule from witnessing Tamra putting her head in the crotches of naked strippers, being present around sex toys and hearing inappropriate comments.

Let’s delve into the mystery and do a little reality TV forensics to guess the identity of the girl gone wild housewife — and that’s putting it gently, according to rumors.

Dina Manzo is a mom of one 18-year-old daughter. The Brooklyn native, and founder of Project Ladybug, is a philanthropist and spiritual diva. As a person who lives to see others flourish, the chances she is the raunchy sex queen doesn’t add up. Here’s a guess: she’s off the hook because she and her husband are separated.

Amber Marchese’s bio describes her as a mother of four, actress and entrepreneur. The feisty Italian is a cancer survivor who has a supportive husband. As the holder of a graduate degree in Bio-Behavioral Studies, she’s proven she can commit to a larger plan and focus. However, her personality as being “outgoing, fun and occasionally downright silly,” hasn’t gotten her off the hook as a possible culprit.

Melissa Gorga is a professional singer, mom to three kids and wife of 10 years to a loving husband. She is described as a modern wife who is known for her playful antics. “Playful” is the operative word.

Nicole Napolitano is described as a private aviation specialist. She has two boys and is known for her penchant for sexy fashion. She is kind, ambitious and can hold her ground, even with the most distinguished of intellectuals. Just don’t cross her, or you will get the business. Can she be the saucy one? Likely not, given her family-focused demeanor.

Teresa Aprea, Nicole’s twin sister, is a restaurant operator and is twice-married to her husband. The mom of one is very ambitious and has a weakness for fashion. Because her RHONJ bio says she is “all about love and having a good time with family and friends,” she’s not off the hook either.

And finally, there’s Teresa Giudice. This original cast member of Real Housewives of New Jersey is a mom of four daughters and wife of 14 years to a loving husband. Although she’s known to stir the pot with her inherently short fuse, and is facing jail time, the last thing she wants to do is party like its 1999. But maybe the thought of facing years behind bars makes one want to drop it like it’s hot.

So, which RHONJ member allegedly starred in the soft porn not-to-be-aired episode?

That said, Real Housewives star, Teresa Guidice and her husband, Joe Giudice, will soon learn if a judge will sentence them to jail for bankruptcy fraud charges. Watch her video below as she braces for potential prison time.

[Image via: Bravo]

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