September 3, 2014
Woman Captures Touching Moment As Mother With Alzheimer's Remembers Her

Daphne Tresher has Alzheimer's disease and no longer recognizes family, but her daughter Kelly Gunderson was able to jog the 87-year-old woman's memory in a touching video that has since gone viral.

Gunderson said she visits her mother often, but hadn't been able to spark any memories between mother and daughter.

But Gunderson didn't give up, and began taping videos of her mother during their time together. Last week she finally was able to jog her mother's memory, and the YouTube video of the touching encounter has since gone viral.

Gunderson told she'd been taping videos of her with her mother prior to last week, but hadn't documented a connection quite like this one.

"I had been taping her, just asking her questions or singing, 'Jesus Loves Me,'" Gunderson told the Today show. "That morning, I was just lying in bed with her, and we were just talking, and I decided to do a selfie video."

The video captures the moment as the woman with Alzheimer's recognizes her daughter.

"Kelly," her mother says, bringing a stunned look from her daughter.

"Yes, Mama!" Gunderson says. "Yes, I am Kelly."

"Well, I love Kelly," Tresher said. "And didn't I name you Kelly?"

"Yes, you did!" her daughter responded as the two shared a laugh.

"Well, I love you, Kelly," mother said.

"I love you, Mama," Gunderson adds.

Later, when Gunderson asked what her mother was thinking, she replied: "Well, I'm lovin' you."

"I'm lovin' you, too, Mama," Gunderson replies.

"Oh, well, we're both doin' the same thing, aren't we?" Tresher adds.

Gunderson said the video was even more incredible due to the fact that she has an identical sister. When her mother said her name, Kelly said it caught her off guard.

The video of Daphne Tresher remembering her daughter is not the first viral remembrance from an Alzheimer's patient. Two years ago a YouTube video of a man lighting up after listening to music from his era also went viral.