Jill Duggar Having A Baby Girl? Jill Talks About Morning Sickness, Cravings During Pregnancy

Jill Duggar has been quite sick during her pregnancy, which is leading some to believe that she is expecting a baby girl! According to Yahoo! News, Jill recently spoke about her first pregnancy and how things have been going. That’s when she revealed that she’s been experiencing all day sickness (as opposed to “morning sickness”), and many women believe that’s a side effect to carrying a baby girl. Some say that’s an old wives tale, but who knows?

“I’ve been having a lot of morning sickness. They should call it ‘pregnancy sickness’ because it’s all day, but I’m feeling good today! I’m thanking God for this little life and the good signs. It’s well worth it.”

Jill Duggar also revealed that she has been craving a lot of sour food — and some would say that’s a symptom of being pregnant with a baby boy. Many women who carry girls tend to crave sweets — especially fruits. Again, this is just what some women believe to be true, not what is true. Plenty of women have probably experienced the exact opposite.

“[Like my mother, I crave] things that are more sour to settle stomach: dill pickles, lemon with salt or lemon juice with water or salt. I like cold things [too]. I don’t like a lot of hot meals right now, but I do try to get protein every two hours.”

Another sign that the couple is expecting a girl? One of their pregnancy photos posted on Instagram showed a pair of shoes that looked like they’d be for a girl. Check it out below.

As far as what Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard will be naming their baby girl… or boy… the two say that they probably won’t stick with any kind of name trend (all of Jill’s 18 siblings have names that begin with the letter “J” and her older brother’s kids all have names that begin with the letter “M”).

Jill also revealed that she is preparing for a home birth is well, which isn’t surprising. She says that it will be more comfortable for her and better for her family.

“I feel like it will be way more relaxing… and having the baby at home with a midwife provides more of that personal care. It’s more intimate for the couple as well, getting to be in your own environment.”

In other Duggar news, Jill’s younger sister, Jessa, is getting married in November. According to The Inquisitr, the two are on the fast track after getting engaged in August.

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[Photo courtesy of Jill Duggar / Instagram]