Pizza Hut Giving Away Free Pizza To Fantasy Football Leagues?

Pizza Hut has been doing some interesting things as of late. The most recent being the viral hit ” Pizza Cats“. Tencho, Hime, Dora, Detch, are the employees of the Japanese Pizza hut, and as far as we know, they are still employed to this day.

Rocket News24 reported on the new cat employed pizza franchise, but seemed concerned about the future of the new restaurant.

“In any case, those videos leave me a little worried for the Pizza Cat franchise. We can safely say, though, that Tenchō and the gang seem to lack the drive to do anything as laborious as take over the world. Or, perhaps this campaign is simply proof positive of feline domination?”

Pizza Hut was making some news in other parts of the world when it partnered with an Arab Netflix competitor ICFLIX, and put out “Dinner and movie” for seven fortunate countries within the Middle East, according to The Inquisitr and Sys-Con.

” Starting August 15th, Pizza Hut deliveries in select countries across the Middle East will come with a 24-hour access code to the ICFLIX service – allowing pizza eaters to enjoy their meal alongside their favourite movies and TV shows. “

Now, back in the states, Pizza hut has another intriguing offer, “free” pizza. However, there is one caveat, you need to have a “fantasy football league”, Fox Sports reports.

All fantasy owners have to do is submit their trade offer and briefly explain why they need pizza to help close the deal to, and then follow the steps provided by email from Pizza Hut to enter.Each week, Pizza Hut will review submitted trade offers and select winners. Winners will be awarded online promo codes to be dangled as trade bait to their pending offers. “

This “marketing strategy”, according to Fox Sports, is called “Trade bait“. Though, Wikipedia defines it as trading bait with a player, Pizza hut is using it’s own medium.

Pizza hut’s PR Director Doug Terfehr, has said it is not a free lunch, according to Pizza Marketplace.

“To be clear though, this isn’t an automated program that doles out food to everyone who participates.”

He goes onto say that Pizza hut wants the submissions to be creative, Pizza Marketplace reports.

“We want people to be creative in their submissions. If there’s something specific on our menu that an owner thinks is appetizing to their trade partner, we want to know. Maybe someone’s old college roommate and owner of that prized QB is a lover of Pizza Hut breadsticks. We want to know and we’ll factor that in as part of the trade offer.”

Somehow, one might imagine, there is more than a few new leagues popping up today. The “trade bait” promotion ends November 12.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you going to submit, or simply start a league to win free Pizza hut? There is no wrong answer to that question.

[ Image Via Buffetoblog – Wordpress ]