Erie Plane Crash Leaves All Five On Board Dead

An Erie plane crash left five dead, including one dog. The plane was a small one-engine craft which made a fatal landing Sunday near the Erie Municipal Airport. The plane crashed in a field near some Colorado homes.

The Piper PA-46 was on its way in for a landing, but a witness claims the engine was sputtering as it came close. This indicates that either the plane had run out of fuel or the engine simply failed at the last minute. The aircraft eventually came to rest upside down, killing or critically injuring everybody on board.

Apparently, two people survived the crash and were rushed to hospitals where they died. The names of the dead have not been released.

The plane had come from Centennial Airport, and as it approached, local witness Jan Culver stated,

“We heard it sputtering. Then there was no sound. We knew it crashed.”

Culver claims she had approached the Erie plane crash scene and found the two who had survived the crash with bad injuries. She thought her medical knowledge might be handy in helping the survivors. The wings were barely attached to the fuselage, possibly indicating that the plane had rolled upon its bad landing, side over side. She stated that she was with a friend nearby and saw the plane flying low and landing in a cloud of dust.

This was the first of several crashes near the Erie Municipal Airport which resulted in fatalities in the past couple of years.

Mountain View Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Roger Rademacher said National Transportation Safety Board investigators and the Boulder County coroner’s office will release the identities of the dead and the cause of the crash as soon as they determine them and notify relatives of the deceased.

The plane is registered to Boulder-based The Real Estate School LLC, whose agent, lawyer Oliver E. Frascona, owns a home near the site of the Erie plane crash. It is unknown if he was one of the victims.

[image via Usum]