Labor Day Cheese Burger Alert: Check Your Kraft Slices – Recall Reminder

Have you purchased any packages of Kraft’s single-slice American cheese for making burgers at a Labor Day barbecue? Check your package’s code because Kraft Foods Group just announced a recall of 7,691 cases of the very popular American cheese, as Inquisitr recently reported.

News stations are reminding people to check their cheese packages this holiday before slapping the American slices on their Labor Day burgers. People may not have considered Kraft’s recall when it was issued last week, but may have just recently purchased the cheese to celebrate Labor Day. If you are planning to be a guest at a cook-out today, be sure to ask your host if they checked their cheese as well!

Kraft said that the recall is limited to only certain packages. The affected American cheese packages will have package codes that start with 0 21000. The recalled cheese will then have the suffixes 60464 7, 61526 1, or 63360 9.

According to WBIR, the select varieties of regular Kraft American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product are being recalled after Kraft discovered that a supplier failed to store an ingredient in the cheese the correct temperature.

A statement from Kraft says that some of the cheese may have spoiled and the American cheese singles could cause food-borne illness, something that could ruin Labor day and back-to-school festivities. The particular cheese slices were packaged into 12, 16 or 24 ounces and will have a use-by date of February 20, 2015 or Feb 21, 2015. Those dates are printed on the bottom of the packages of cheese, according to Kraft. The cheese was produced at a Kraft Foods’ plant in Springfield, Mo. and was shipped around the country, according to Time.

Anyone who has purchased the recall-affected cheese should not eat it, but rather, return it to the store where it was purchased for a full refund or an exchange. More details on the recall, as well as details about previous recalls from Kraft, can be found on Inquisitr‘s previous report.

The American favorite is among the most popular cheese for adding on top of burgers at family cookouts on Labor Day. If your family is one of the millions that loves a burger topped with the single slices of American cheese on Labor Day, be sure to check to see if you purchased a package involved in Kraft’s most recent recall.