Fall 2014 Beauty Trends: Keep Looking Hot While The Weather Gets Cold

Fall 2014 Beauty Trends

Summer is winding down for those of you into fashion and all things beauty related, it’s never too early to learn about the beauty trends for the fall season.

If love to express your unique style through gloriously decked out tresses, you are in for a treat. The styles on trend this fall are a delightful mix of fun, but functional. This fall plaits, braids, chignons, anything that gets your hair up and out of your eyes while still looking stylish is your friend this fall. Going out on the town? Consider a sleek, understated pony tail. Harpers Bazaar, reports that the iconic look was a staple of this season’s Ralph Lauren fashion show. Add some glamour by taking a piece of hair and wrapping it around the elastic band to hide it.

For those of you who are a bit more daring, Beauty High recommends adding pops of color to your plaits and pony tails this fall. If you are only daring on the weekends, take a cue from the fall fashion shows and use colored extensions and hair paint to achieve your colored ambitions. No commitment needed!

Makeup mavens, fret not! The always rich fall color palette is a perfect time to play. Vouge Magazine, is recommending long, luxurious lashes. According to Ulta, sculpted cheeks are on point for fall 2014. To achieve this look, brush a contouring powder and bronzer darker than your natural skin color just under your cheekbones. Follow with highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, and finish off with a sheer or slightly tinted powder. Other beauty trends to try this fall: lilac eye shadow, tired and true matte colors, eyes lines with two colors, and smoky kitten eyes. As always, the first step to beauty is a healthy body and healthy skin, no matter what the season.

If makeup and hair leave you cold, consider expressing yourself through nail color. If you like to keep things simple and classic, but still stylish, consider the always popular in fall dark, rish red polish for your nails like Essie Shearling Darling ($9). To really show of the polish, file your nails into an oval shape. If you like to walk a bit closer to the wild side, consider gun metal nails like those shown by Vera Wang and DKNY. Zoya’s Freya ($9) is a perfect color to achieve the look. If you live on the edge of fashion, go full tilt with black nails. OPI’s Onyx is a great black nail polish staple. If you are up for trying something new, Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel line comes in a wide array of colors, including black.