4Chan Celebrity Leaked Nudes: Social Responses On Privacy, Photo Scandals

The 4Chan celebrity leaked photo scandal is in full effect, and social media sites like Twitter and Reddit are on full-tilt with steamy images of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Alexa Jane, Avril Lavigne, and several others. In light of the massive naked photo hack, some people shared thoughtful responses on privacy and consent, citing a BuzzFeed post.

Information contained on 4Chan describes it as a simple photo-sharing site that allows anyone to post images and comments on a variety of things. This type of site is popular because it allows complete anonymity; users do not have to register before posting images. That makes celebrity nude photos — Photoshopped or not — popular items to view in various threads.

Although many drooling teens hop at the chance to see NSFW images of their favorite celebs, not everyone getting news of a so-called “leak” feasts on the vulnerabilities of others, whether they are A-listers or any unsuspecting victim with a smartphone.

The following responses to the 4Chan leaked nude photo scandal are from the unsung heroes on social media. Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist and Hunger, leads off the charge to tame the response to apparent privacy breaches. With a bit of tongue-in-cheek, she weighs in on misogyny, among other things.

Robin Edds, a BuzzFeed writer, makes a striking comparison between felines and hackers.

Here’s an interesting take on the Jennifer Lawrence leaked naked photos hack, with an emphasis on site responsibility to its users and confidentiality matters when something like a 4Chan scandal emerges.

Jennifer Lawrence leaked photos

Twitter user, Aims Etcetera, appeared to have stopped another user in their tracks who admonished “famous people” for taking nude photos with their partners.

One of the most poignant tweets about the celebrity nude pictures leaks, 4Chan hacking or whatever you want to call it, came from Aussie columnist, Clementine Ford.

You can comb through internet forums and other social media hubs to find more authored responses on this hot topic. Along the way, many people will respond — and gawk — in their own way and in their own opinion lanes.

One thing good about the 4Chan nude leaking of photos is that moments like these spark debate over issues like privacy, civil liberties, and the like. It reminds us that our inherent rights to freedom cannot be usurped with the latest gadgets and the blokes that will certainly find ways to exploit them — usually at someone else’s expense.

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