Man Reportedly Lynched After Being Caught Raping 3-Year-Old Girl: Justice?

Warning: Disturbing footage contains extremely graphic content and offensive language.

One young man recently felt the wrath of an angry mob after he allegedly raped a 3-year-old girl. To make matters worse, he was reportedly caught during the volatile act. On Monday, August 25, footage of the 17-year-old man’s alleged attack was uploaded to the UK-based video sharing site, LiveLeak.

According to the description of the video, the incident took place in Brazil. When the boy was caught, he was reportedly beaten and ultimately lynched by a group of local citizens. The young man was also accused of committing a series of other crimes prior to the rape accusations that led to his death. However, those crimes went unnoticed due to the laws regarding criminal records. Even the rape charge would have only carried the possibility of a three-year maximum prison sentence because the boy was under 18 at the time of the alleged crime. So, a local lynch mob reportedly took matters into their own hands.

In the video, a young man can be seen face down on the ground wearing a pair black shorts and a white tattered shorts. The 51-second clip shows him being beaten by several men. The footage shows him being stomped in the head while others kicked him in the back and hit him with whips. He continues to try and get up only to be knocked back down to the ground. The beating continues throughout the entire clip and ends with him lying on his back in a pool of blood. He was reportedly lynched after the beating.

The video has received thousands of views and a substantial number of users have commented on the gruesome attack. While some users felt justice was served, others questioned whether the boy was really guilty of the crime since the video didn’t indicate whether or not the allegations were true.

“I missed the part where guilt was proven. There is a reason we don’t have lynch mobs in this country anymore – because people killed for little reason or based on bad facts,” another user said.

However, another user argued a different perspective.

“What more proof do you need? Someone on the internet said he did it so he must have done it!” another user said.

Someone else also commented in support of lynch mobs and their purpose.

“While I agree with you, there is also the problem of corrupt officials not giving a f— over there, and the jail time is 3 years maximum, despite it being rape towards a 3 year old. We don’t lynch because our justice system at least works somewhat, not because we’re morally superior by nature,” the user explained.

Do you feel three years in prison is a substantial prison sentence for the rape of a child? Share your thoughts.

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