Moms Are The Best — As This Mommy Golden Retriever And Her Nine Puppies Prove

Moms love their children — that should go without saying. But it’s always nice to see the maternal instinct in action. Check out this video of a Golden Retriever mom playing with her litter of nine count ’em nine puppies.

At least, we count nine. Frankly, with this rambunctious bunch scrambling frantically to get a little mommy time, we had a hard time tallying exactly how many puppies are in this mom’s brood. But we know that there’s enough of them to keep their mom busy, and to keep anyone who watches this video smiling.

Though when we checked this video’s YouTube page, on the appropriately named CutiesNFuzzies YouTube channel, we found mote than 600 “likes” on the video — but seven “dislikes.”

Can someone please explain how you watch this mommy dog video and “dislike” it. We just don’t get it. Unless you just don’t like moms.