Teresa Giudice Headed For Divorce? Teresa And Joe Could Split Depending On Hearing Outcome

Is Teresa Giudice headed for a divorce?

There are some new rumors floating around that Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, are planning on ending their marriage pending the outcome of their September hearing. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Teresa is furious with Joe and blames him for getting her into this mess. Of course, she’s going to have a hard time explaining that in court, if that’s her plan, because she has spent the whole summer loving up on her husband and posting the photo proof on the internet.

“According to the sources, Teresa blames Joe for the situation she’s in right now, and she’s planning on reiterating that during her sentencing. She wants everybody to know that it was Joe who was behind all their illegal activity, including the tax fraud. She thinks that by divorcing Joe and blaming the whole situation on him, she’ll engender some sympathy from the judge and jury.”

A more believable scenario would be the couple splitting up so that Teresa doesn’t get saddled with Joe’s restitution fees, which will come out of her pocket if the two are still married and he’s in prison. Therefore, the couple’s maybe-divorce could just be a business move. However, the two don’t seem like they are going to split up, so maybe the rumors aren’t true at all.

Teresa Giudice is naturally worried about her sentencing on Sept. 23, but according to The Inquisitr, the mom of four is confident that she won’t be going to prison. It’s unknown if prosecutors are pushing for the reality star and her husband to do time in the federal fraud case, but Teresa seems to be dealing with things in a positive manner.

If Teresa needs to throw Joe under the bus and say that she’s going to leave him because he duped her, that is what she is going to do. Right now, Teresa’s main goal is to keep herself out of jail. She may not be able to control what happens to Joe, but she is going to try her hardest to control what happens to her.

According to Bustle, Teresa Giudice could be sentenced to 21 – 27 months behind bars. Joe is facing a much more serious punishment of up to 46 months in jail. If Teresa turns around and says that Joe was solely responsible for committing fraud and she just signed papers without asking any questions (and no, not because she’s stupid, just because she trusted her husband), a judge might side with her and throw Joe in jail. That’s not to say that Teresa won’t have to pay restitution, but at least she will be able to remain with her four daughters.

Of course, the public has a very particular opinion on this case, and it’s fairly simple: If you do the crime, you do the time. How do you feel about it? Will Teresa end up going to jail? Will she leave Joe if he goes to jail?

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice / Instagram]