It’s A Private Island Honeymoon For Brad And Angelina [Photo Gallery]

So what does Hollywood’s newly wedded couple have planned for their honeymoon? Apparently, Brad and Angelina will be taking a working vacation, with all six of their children, on a private island they have rented out just for those purposes.

According to Page Six, Brand and Angelina will be using some of their honeymoon time to shoot some breathtaking footage for their upcoming movie, By The Sea. This will be the first time the twosome have appeared in a movie together since 2004, when they met during the shooting of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And yes, all six of their children will be with them…but don’t feel too bad. The entire Jolie-Pitt clan will be staying on a 100-foot-long boat. A source claims, “The boat is absolutely beautiful, a classic yacht with three masts, and is where Angelina, Brad and their children will stay during the shoot.” The family plan to move onto the boat by beginning of September. As the source said, “It will hopefully allow them some privacy and some time to explore and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.”

And privacy is definitely the key word here – the couple has reportedly paid the locals of the island to leave during their two-month stay, and have paid business owners on the island upwards of $200,000 as well.

So, where is this fantasy place?

It’s the island of Gozo, a Mediterranean island near Malta. According to the tourism site for Malta, Gozo is considered to be a “tranquil haven” with a different sort of charm, smaller, greener, more rural, “with life’s rhythms dictated by the seasons, fishing and agriculture.”

Sounds pretty nice, huh? It gets better.

Brad and Angelina’s honeymoon spot is holds a pretty big spot in mythology. The island of Gozo is actually believed to be the legendary Calypso’s Isle from Homer’s Odyssey, a beautiful, backwater place of myth. And looking at the landscape, one can see why – Gozo combines a spectacular coastline, turquoise waters and rugged landscape to form a breathtaking, wild place. Yet old stone farmhouses and beautiful, old baroque churches line the landscape, as well as as well as one of the best-preserved prehistoric temples, Ä gantija.

So, yes, Brad and Angelina will do some work. And yes, Brad and Angelina are bringing their children. But Brad and Angelina will also be spending two months on a gorgeous yacht off the coast of one of the world’s most beautiful islands, which they have basically rented out for their own. It seems like a pretty good trade-off!

[Images via Travel Blog, Waves Express, Trip Adviser, People and Vakantiestunt]