This Pit Bull Heard A Man Attacking A Woman On The Street. What Happened Next Will Amaze You

Pit bulls are often considered a vicious breed that will attack, with or without provocation. These powerful creatures have recently shot in the news and most of them chronicle events in which this breed is the attacker. Though there are advocates who firmly believe that any breed, not just the pit bulls, can be raised to be vicious, the media appears determined to prove that these dogs are dangerous and are almost always the villain. But that is not what happened in Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan.

A pit bull named Blitz owned by an Ottawa woman is described as a mild-mannered, sweet tempered dog. The owner confirmed that Blitz is never aggressive, but is quite protective. Hence when he heard cries of distress, this dog became the hero for a woman who was being abused in the street by her estranged husband.

Blitz who is very friendly and is the first to happily greet any visitors with sniffs and licks sensed something was very wrong when his human opened her front door to investigate the distressing screams for help she heard. Instinctively, the dog bolted past his owner, to defend a woman being attacked by her separated husband.

Steven Paul Schumacher, a disturbed husband, who had separated from his wife, was in quite a foul mood that day. In a fit of anger, the man was dragging his wife by her hair from her home across the street and to his parked car. That’s when Blitz decided to intervene.

As per eye-witness records, the pit bull ran over to them and began furiously barking. Startled by Blitz, Schumacher loosened his grip on his victim, who then ran into Blitz’s home for safety. Blitz’s human then stopped the protective dog before he did anything to harm Schumacher, and before Schumacher was able to harm Blitz, reported Reshareworthy.

The protective pit bull firmly held his ground and was said to have growled furiously at the Steven till the police arrived. Arriving on the scene, the police officers didn’t take long to apprehend Steven since he was pacing outside Blitz’s home, carrying a large knife. In effect Blitz was not only responsible for saving poor ex-Mrs. Steven, but also helping police nab Schumacher who was wanted for felony, home invasion and domestic assault.

Pit bulls are often blamed for attacks and for mauling people and kids. However, dog-lovers routinely advise to check the dogs’ owners and blame the other end of the leash.

[Image Credit | Salon]