Officers Who Pointed Guns And Threatened To Kill Protesters And Journalists Have Resigned

Two of the police officers who threatened to kill the protesters and journalists at Ferguson are no longer on the job.

This all started because of the Michael Brown incident. According to report, the Missouri Police Department is being sued for over 40 million because of their response to the Ferguson riots.

One was a Glendale police officer who posted a Facebook post. His post said that he though the Ferguson protestors should be “put down like rabid dogs.” This Glendale police officer Matthew Pappert, was fired. Last week, he was suspended with pay but after an investigation by the internal affairs department, he was fired on Wednesday.

Matthew Pappert was also reported to post that the Ferguson protesters were a “a burden on society and a blight on the community.” Another post that Pappert made said, “Where is a Muslim with a backpack when you need them?”

Pappert apologized for these comments through a statement that he prepared with his lawyer. In his statement he mentioned that he realized “that his words were insensitive and hurtful.” He also went on to say that he was “deeply remorseful.”

The Glendale City Administrator Jay Christensen made sure that it was clear that Matthew Papperts views did not reflect anyone else who works in city administration or in the police department.

The other officer was St. Ann police lieutenant Ray Albers. He was caught on video pointing his semi-automatic rifle at protesters as well as threatening and swearing at them.

Chief Aaron Jiminez said this about Albers:

I’m not condoning his behavior whatsoever. It’s very hard because he is a good friend, he was a good boss. There’s going to be those who didn’t like him who are high-fiving now. Altogether it’s going to be a black eye on the city of St. Ann because he represented our department.

Jiminez believes that Albers was doing the right thing by raising the weapon. According to Jiminez, before the video was recorded the rioters had thrown water and urine at Albers. The water and urine weren’t the only things that prompted Albers to raise his gun. Apparently, there were 3 men in bandannas with hand guns as well. But after Albers raised his gun they started running and then the reporters were able to get a good video of him.

There are many different opinions in the amount of force used in controlling riots and mobs a people. Hopefully, we will be able to find a way to do it efficiently and safely.

[Image via Huy Mach]